One to One Classes

Love making cakes?


Working with sugar can be a daunting task at first and believe me, I wouldn't even attempt to make a cake topper a few years back.

But scared of making toppers?


But after giving myself some time to practice I found that actually they are a joy to make!

Xenia's Cake Creations can help!


If you are not keen on attending group classes then please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a one to one class.

🧡Practice makes Perfect🧡


Those who follow me on social media may have seen me quote this on a regular basis as I truly believe that it just takes practice.

We all start somewhere..


This is so so true, we all start somewhere and it is always at the beginning!

...But where to begin?


Most of the classes I teach are suitable to beginners and experienced sugarcrafters. Please feel free to see what I can offer here.